25 février 2016


ROSA® Brain System Facilitates SEEG Procedure for the Treatment of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Montpellier, France, February 26,  2016 – MEDTECH (Euronext, FR0010892950 – ROSA), a company specialized in designing, developing and marketing innovative surgical assistance robots, is pleased to announce the first surgical operation with the ROSA® robotic surgery system in Australia. 

The stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) procedure, assisted by the ROSA® Brain system, was used to treat a patient with epilepsy, by precisely implanting electrodes in the brain to determine the area most likely to be responsible for seizures. The procedure was performed by Dr. Jason Papacostas at Mater Hospital in Brisbane, on a 47 year-old patient with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Mater Hospital in Brisbane is a leading healthcare center and initiates innovative programs to improve patient care management. It is an active participant in the National Demonstration Hospitals Program.

“Today, epilepsy affects up to 90,000 families in the state of Queensland,” said Dr. Papacostas.  “Many patients do not respond to medical treatment, so surgery is their best option. ROSA® represents a medical breakthrough for neurosurgeons and their patients, by considerably reducing surgery time in SEEG procedures - around two hours with ROSA®, compared to six hours with the traditional approach - and providing greater safety and efficiency.”

“We are proud to be part of this great clinical success, achieved for the first time in the southern hemisphere. The treatment of epilepsy has been a significant driver of ROSA® adoption in the United States and Europe and we believe this will contribute to the ongoing spread of our technology, to the benefit of treatment for this disease affecting at least 50 million people worldwide,” said Bertin Nahum, CEO and founder of Medtech.