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Serving patients through the development of robotic surgical platforms


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«Serving patients through the development of robotic surgical platforms »
This is how we sum up our ambition. We are a company in the service of healthcare and our mission consists of extending the use of medical technologies to a larger scale for the benefit of patients.

Clinical benefits

The ROSA® robot is fully involved in establishing minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques and improves the whole experience of surgery. It is a source of added benefits for the patient, the surgeon and the health facility.

Benefits for the patient :

  • Increased safety and precision,
  • Simplified pre-operative procedures due to a contactless registration system ***,
  • Less invasive procedures.


*** Registration is the stage in which the patient’s position is recorded in space to make sure the instruments are correctly positioned during surgery according to the planning performed done beforehand. The patient is usually identified with bone inserts or a stereotactic frame attached to the patient's skull.

What Patients think about their surgery

“I went straight home. No rehab. No complications. There was a little pain, but I had a lot more pain before the surgery,”
“I was the first patient to have ROSA-assisted surgery at Miami Valley Hospital. My doctor’s Dr. To ...

Aaron Smith, 7 years old EN

Shawn Smith's son Aaron has a better life thanks to ROSA.
"It's been like night and day compared to where he was, and where he is at now," his father Mathew Smith said.
"He could have anywhere from 10 seizures a day, right ...

Jason McFate, 29 years-old, epilepsy EN

“You’ve got to weigh your options. You either deal with having seizures or try and improve your life. It’s definitely working: going from three seizures a week, and I’ve only had three since they turned it on’’

Affliated documents for Patients
  • pdf ROSA® Brain Patient Brochure Download
    October 03, 2016 - 3.23 MB — pdf
  • pdf ROSA® Brain Pediatric Patient Brochure Download
    October 03, 2016 - 908.7 KB — pdf
  • pdf Epilepsy by the numbers Europe Download
    September 11, 2016 - 1.81 MB — pdf
  • pdf Epilepsy by the numbers World Download
    September 11, 2016 - 150.17 KB — pdf