The purchase of Medtech SA by Zimmer Biomet is complete. Thank you to our investors for your support of Medtech.

About Zimmer Biomet

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About Medtech

Founded in 2002 by Bertin NAHUM and based near Montpellier, MEDTECH is a European specialist in the design, development and marketing of innovative robotic appliances to assist surgeons during their medico-surgical interventions, thus contributing to the implementation of safer, more efficient, less-invasive treatment.

In 2007, MEDTECH developed ROSA®,  an innovative technological device devoted to  brain surgery procedures.  ROSA® has been approved in Europe,  the United States and Canada.
In 2013 Medtech received the « European Company of the Year Award” in the “robotic neurosurgery” category from Frost & Sullivan.

In July 2014, MEDTECH obtained the CE marking for its new product ROSA® Spine, a robotic- assistive device for minimally invasive surgery of the spine.
In October 2014, MEDTECH won the « Révélation » prize in the Mediterranean Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards.

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