At Medtech our added value also resides in our talent :

We reward creativity, perseverance, team spirit and professionalism.
Medtech is seeking enthusiastic, creative, hardworking individuals to accompany its development on the fast-growing market for state-of-the art medical devices.
The values and skills of Medtech’s employees are the foundation of our performance.

To help boost its innovations, Medtech is launching an extensive recruitment campaign for 2019.

Are you interested in any of these positions ?

Please specify the job title and contact our Human Resources Department at the following address:


- Systems Engineers
- Hardware Engineers
- Robotic Engineer


- Design Transfer Engineers
- Sourcing Engineer
- Buyer (temp contract)
- Logistician (temp contract)
- Manufacturing Technicians (temp contract)


- Technical Complaints Specialist (PMS)
- Complaints Specialist (PMS)
- Regulatory Affairs Specialist
- Supplier Quality Engineer
- Manufacturing Quality Engineer
- Quality Design Engineer

& More jobs:

- Clinical and Sales Engineer
- Accountant